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A comprehensive blend of antioxidant-rich herbs and essential nutrients – Vital Detox help improve Liver, Kidney function and health. It contains N-Acetylcysteine which protects the body against elevated oxidative stress, ultimately allowing optimal functioning of kidneys and liver.

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    Improves liver and kidney function and health
    Contains Hepatoprotective Metabolites (protects the liver)
    Contains choline (liver health)
    Why Divine Nutrition Vital Detox?
    Vital Detox is an antioxidant focused supplement made up of 5 ingredients naturally rich in antioxidant & phytonutrients to help improve Liver Health, Function & Reduce Inflammation.
    Key Strengths & Benefits:
    - Vital Detox contains two vital herbs dosed optimally with standardized extracts to get the most benefits of the active compounds -Phytonutrients.
    Milk Thistle 500mg (Active compound Silymarin 80%) has strong antioxidative, antifibrotic properties and consequent cytotoxicity therefore protective of liver cells.
    Picrorhiza Kurroa has Active compound Picroside I and Picroside II which are Hepatoprotective Metabolites (meaning protective of liver) they ensure good liver functionality and has detoxifying effects.
    These two have shown promising results in most Liver Diseases due to its High Antioxidative & Cytotoxicity properties which also allows liver cells to heal and reduce free radicals and the damages caused by it.
    Vital Detox also contains Curcumin 100mg an active compound of Turmeric ‘curcuminoids’ with over 95% concentration which has very high antioxidative properties.
    - Vital Detox has two Important Vital Nutrients - Choline Bitartrate 200mg & N -Acetylcysteine (NAC) 400mg which are clinically proven Ingredients in their respective areas as follows: NAC is a precursor to a Powerful & Important Antioxidant Glutathione. Glutathione plays an important in detoxifying xenobiotic and endogenous compounds and also prevents most toxic effects of drugs & environmental toxins.
    Choline is a Vital Nutrient for functioning of the Liver.
    Recommended Consumption:
    • 1 serving daily with any meal of the day.
    Consume two capsules every night for optimal results
    Phytonutrients are plant chemicals that have protective & disease preventive properties
    They are compounds which prevents and reduces oxidative damage to cells by reducing free radicals caused by oxidative stress.
    Divine Nutrition Vital Detox is Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly
    1 serving daily with any meal of the day.
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